Shiny New Blog!

Hello Owlets and welcome to the shiny new Owlstation blog!

It’s been a long time coming but here we are, this is our new home! For those of you that haven’t met me yet, my name is Alice and I’m a Freelance Illustrator and Designer working in Brighton. I like to share my projects, news, doodles and reviews on a regular basis and for some time I have been doing most of my blogging on my Owlstation Facebook page. This is all well and good, but feels a bit transitory, like kipping on a friends sofa before you get the keys to your new pad. Whilst you’ll still be able to get a quick illustration fix through my social media pages, we shall now have a nicer more permanent place for you to come visit and explore a bit more should you wish.

There will be some decorating and moving of furniture going on here for the first few months (I’m currently updating my logo!) so don’t be alarmed if things look a bit different next time you drop by, it’s just feng shui…okay i’m done now, no more house metaphors!



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