Four Dimensional Cat

I got involved with a nice little project recently to create an E.P. cover and design for local band Four Dimensional Cat. The brief was pretty open, the chaps wanted something eye catching that tied in with the lead song ‘Look Away’. After some tea and chatting we decided that a simple line drawing of an ethereal lady ‘Looking Away’ would be a good direction to go in, not least as we were up against a tight deadline to get the E.P. ready for the launch gig, and quick line drawings are something of a speciality for me. sketches_4dcat_owlstation

I started off by drawing lots of ladies looking away! Quick sketches in different mediums and colours. Some more realistic, others a bit more cartoony . Next I roughly mocked up the best of these into test covers to see which felt right. I  enjoy this stage of a project, testing out lots of different versions quickly. You come across random combinations and have light bulb moments that you couldn’t plan for if you tried.


I shared these with the band and they unanimously decided on a messy, purple ink sketch of a girl whose face is partially obscured by her hair. In my early concept using this sketch I’d covered up the middle section of her face with a banner bearing the E.P. title, partly to give her some mystery but mostly because I’d screwed up her nose in the drawing! My immediate thought was to redraw her but despite several attempts I couldn’t recapture the looseness of that first line drawing. Which left me no choice, I had to give this poor girl a nose job. Although I regularly make little alterations to my drawings and use the computer to tidy them, It actually felt a bit sinister doing this. I am mostly anti cosmetic surgery, I like the natural look…but there you go! Luckily the operation was a success and here you can see the final outcome. Four Dimensional Cat were happy and the gig was great fun. Do have a listen, they are extremely funky!

four dimensional cat_EP_final_owlstation


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