Albert and his Flying Machines

We’re off to the opera tonight, better start up dragonfly mobile and dig out our finest furs, the Parisian skyline really is chilly at this time of year…

AlbertRobida_operaFrench Illustrator Albert Robida was a pioneer of science fiction. His beautifully illustrated novels predicted inventions such as Television, Skype and Youtube as part of daily life at the turn of the 20th century.


I think he must have taken a special pleasure in creating these scenes high above Paris, as they feature in his work quite often. Skies buzzing with airships, twinkling buildings and moody fog. Fancy folk heading off to towering restaurants and call girls visiting clientele from their air taxis.


I love his use of soft pastel colours in ‘Going to the Opera in the year 2000’ (top). Also the balance of light and dark in ‘Paris la Nuit’ (above) with its little fish planes illuminating the city below.


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