heartwoodscreenshotIf one could look inside of Developer Kerry Turner’s head, they might see: folk tales, theme park rides, horror movies, installation art, forests, unicorns and lots of white rabbits. As I am partial to all of those things (and Kerry is a good friend!), I was very pleased to get involved with Heartwood, her latest game, which draws inspiration from some of those ideas.

Without giving too much of the adventure away, Heartwood is an eerie walk in the woods, with an unsettling soundtrack created by audio artist Dan Bibby.



Kerry asked me to design the logo. I started with some rough pencil sketches then worked back into a few of these in Illustrator. After sharing these with Kerry she picked her favourite for me to finish up.

logo sketches_owlstation


final logo_white_owlstation



She has done a smashing job and created something really atmospheric and special. If you would like to take a little stroll into Heartwood then please grab your headphones, follow the link and try to stay calm…




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