Owlstation Store Giveaway!

*Now closed!*

I’ve been wanting to do an Owlstation Giveaway for a while and recently reaching my first 100 sales on the Store felt like the perfect reason! Though it might sound like a small number to some, it means so much to me. I so appreciate your custom, support and encouragement of my work and wanted to take a moment to thank you properly…

Also, giveaways and getting post are fun right?! So one of you will be receiving: an A3 Adventure Kit print, an animated Magic Portal magnet, two cute greetings cards and four post cards. Whoop! This giveaway is open to everyone (as long as I can send it to you via Royal Mail).

To enter: In the comments write and tell me, if you could open a fantasy magic portal to anywhere – where would you go/open it to?

Pals on Instagram or Twitter, if you’re able to pop @Owlstation a visit or like there too, then that’s always appreciated (but not a requirement for entering!). You have until the 31st of March. I’ll pick my favourite answer and announce the winner on the 1st of April (but promise it won’t be an April Fool!). Good luck all!

3 thoughts on “Owlstation Store Giveaway!

  1. I’ve just announced the winner of this Owlstation Store Goodie Bundle over on my Owlstation Instagram account! Thank you so much to everyone who took part and once again huge thanks for all of your support and encouragement with my Owlstation Store over the years, as I said it means a lot to me! If this talk of magic portals has got you craving one, don’t forget to check out my range of ‘animated’ products on the store, that come to life when viewed through your mobile:


    …okay plugging done! ;P For those of you that missed out this time, don’t worry – there will be more giveaways in the future!
    Alice xXx

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