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My name is Alice and I am an Illustrator and owl enthusiast living and working in Brighton. I have created illustrations for a wide range of products including artwork for posters, E.P.s, magazines, blogs and now temporary tattoos! I love to draw, having moved on from the horses and mermaids of my childhood, I now sketch life wherever I can, carrying my sketchbook and oil pastels from little cafes to grand museums and documenting the people and places as I go. As a Designer in the games industry I am lucky to work with fantastic people and inspiring clients such as Channel 4, BBC, Radio 1, Paramount and Marvel. I am a sponge for archaeology, cowboys, fashion, Indians, snow, Tolkien and Owls and usually find ways to sneak them into my work.

If you would like to discuss a project, have a question or want to talk about owls please drop me an email at aliceowlstation@gmail.com

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