The Inner Life of Objects

‘You should always use your wildest Imagination’

Sound advice from the surrealist Czech animator Jan Svankmajer whose exhibition ‘The Inner Life of Objects’ is open to the public (and completely free) in Brighton this November. Amongst grungy props from his peculiar films, taxidermy sculptures, stacked aardvarks and fantastical anatomical etchings are clips from his wonderful animations such as Historia Naturae.

Photo by Cine-City, reblogged here without permission.

Photo by Cine-City, reblogged without permission.

In Historia, Jan works his way through the different groups of nature, creating patterns with his editing. Quick cuts between birds eyes, stop motion animated skeletons, the leering faces of monkeys depicted in Victorian illustrations. The exhibition runs until the 2nd of December at the University of Brighton in the Steine. I’ve been 3 times already! Field sketch of aardvarks below.

svankmajer ardvarks owlstation