Nice Announcement

drawn chorus collective logo

I’m super chuffed to announce that I have joined the ranks of the Drawn Chorus Collective; a lovely group of illustrators and artists dedicated to making cool things! After meeting them by chance on Twitter a couple of years ago, I’ve enjoyed discovering each member’s work through their exciting exhibitions, books, comics and gorgeous instagram.

drawn chorus collective_exhibition 2017_3

Working with them as a guest artist for the ‘Easy As’ alphabet book and the recent ‘There & Back Again’ show has really helped me to push my illustration skills and to learn the ins and outs of preparing work for an exhibition. I’m excited to see where they take me next and to be part of a drawing gang!

drawn chorus collective_exhibition 2017_2


Easy As…


I’m rather excited to be able to talk about my new project! The fabulous Drawn Chorus Collective of London town are creating a fully illustrated Alphabet book ‘Easy As…’ My illustration for the letter L will be nestled in alongside some very talented company. Doodles have commenced! Here are some sketches exploring my early ideas around L for Lepidoptera.


Lepidoptera is the study of moths and butterflies. I’m looking forward to doing some more research into the word! The kickstarter campaign for the project will be kicking off in October, so watch the skies for updates and work in progress from the artists involved. #EasyAsABC