My Happy Place

Fearne Cotton_HappyPlace

Lately I’ve been massively enjoying pairing podcasts with a creative session. I find that listening to intimate conversations or unusual stories whilst drawing, allows me to relax and let go. Keeping the critical, negative part of my brain distracted for long enough to make a breakthrough!

A particularly good podcast for this is Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place. Listening to Fearne and her friends (some well known, others not) discuss what makes them happy, how they look after themselves and face the world, is perfect for getting me into my happy place! It’s honest and positive and If you’re going to check it out, I’d recommend starting with the Dawn French episode.

The Adam Buxton Podcast

Another standby favourite is The Adam Buxton Podcast. This one’s especially good for a boost on one of those overly critical drawing days. His endlessly impressive list of cool guests include Wes Anderson, Greta Gerwig and Bob Mortimer. He’s adept at getting people to open up and discuss more unusual subjects, such as Charlie Brooker’s bathroom phobias. The interlude songs are also, quite brilliant!

I’ll keep on the hunt for more podcasts to entertain, distract and delight. Please let me know if you have any go-to favourites or new discoveries as I’d love to check them out!

Be Brave, Make your Mark

I gave my first ever talk  this March at an event called Be Brave, Make your Mark run by the Brighton She Says group. With events every few months, She Says aims to bring together like minded ladies from the Digital and Creative industries to chat, share experiences and get inspired.

It really is a nice format, very friendly and laid back. I’ve met several people through these events who have become good friends and even clients! So I was really chuffed when Rifa, the organiser, asked me to design a flyer for the evening and to speak about my career so far. From my experiences as a Games Designer at Littleloud through to my current Freelancing adventures. Plus the big bit before that where I had no idea what I wanted to do or whether or not to go to university and the numerous ups and downs along the way!

The first speaker, Artist Rachel Mortimer, spoke of a trip to a Dementia care home that changed her outlook on everything. She was inspired to set up Engage and Create, a social enterprise that helps people with dementia rediscover forgotten aspects of their lives by using art as a tool to help them open up and reminisce.

she says_581x334_300dpi

Beth Granter, a passionate activist from the age of 7 told us about her experiences championing causes of great importance to her. Standing up and volunteering when no-one else would and using her understanding of data and marketing to successfully organise protests and make people pay attention.

I’m really impressed by people who find ways to use their skills and passions to help others. I would love to do this with my illustration and definitely feel empowered after the event to find ways to do this. See you at the next She Says!

P.S. Here’s my ‘advice’ slide from the evening. Stuff I try to remember myself but often forget!