Back to the Wild

Owlstation_wolf and mountain view_2018I made this drawing about a month ago, shortly before this year’s drawing adventure to the Isle of Skye. I wanted to loosen up, get experimental and indulge in drawing some of my favourite subject matter; animals, trees and mountains – before heading to the Highlands. I began with watercolour, then worked back in over the top with a fuzzy dark pencil and a few bright splashes of coloured chalk.

I’m VERY excited to share pictures, photos and hopefully a video or two of the Skye trip as soon as possible, so do stay tuned! The first pictures should make their way to my Instagram soon and i’ll follow those up with a more detailed blogpost after.


Czech Mountain Sketches


Here are some sketches from my recent trip to the chilly Czech mountains. There wasn’t much snow this year but some lovely sunny days which made outdoor drawing less perilous.

mountain house


After an icy forest walk, we arrived at the top of Sunshine Hill. I drew the above view of a tree covered slope and ski lift from the window of a tiny cafe. Switching between chalk pastel messiness and eating a mountain berry cake with a glass of fresh elderflower lemonade YUM.



Photos to follow!