owlstation blog_brian the cat_2017

This week I’m cat sitting Brian. We’ve hung out a few times now and it’s always a pleasure spending time with him. While I get on with my work in the day, he’s usually curled up tightly on the sofa. He’ll occasionally pop over to say hello, climb over my Macbook a few times and sit on my lap for a bit, kneading me with his claws.

owlstation blog_cat sketches_2017_3

Like most cats, he goes a bit hyper in the evening before bed time. Launching himself into the air, skidding through rooms or climbing up my legs while I’m cooking. On this visit I’ve decided to try and sketch him during some of his quieter moments. He’s so dark and fuzzy that sometimes when his eyes are closed he just blends into one big fluff-ball and it’s tricky to pick out any features! It’s been good practice though, trying to quickly get his form down before he shifts position and nice for me to have some cat company.

owlstation blog_cat sketches_2017_2

owlstation blog_cat sketches_2017_1




A quick Stegosaurus sketch made at the Natural History Museum. I wanted to be a Palaeontologist when I was a little girl. I’m still a big fan of fossil hunting and I think Jurassic Park 1 is definitely in my top 5 films ever!


This summer my family and friends set off for a beachy holiday in beautiful Devon. The order of the day being surfing, with as much eating, exploring and board gaming as we could in fit around it. I did a bit of sketching too, here are some drawings from the beach and countryside and a couple of instagram snaps. Looking forward to next year’s visit already!

lifeguards hut