Words to Live By: Exhibition Photos

I still feel so lucky that we were able to go ahead with our ‘Words to Live By’ Exhibition back in November. After having to postpone twice due to the pandemic, it was so special to see my Drawn Chorus Collective friends again and mindblowing to see such awesome illustrations!

Everybody had such different interpretations of the theme and there was a beautiful mix of styles, colours and media. Adam managed to get a few snaps from the private view evening before we relaxed into arty natters, PV vino and a bit of shopping at the pop up store.

Artwork by Chloe Smith

Here’s how my piece came together. When viewed in sequence, they form my personal Words to Live By: Visit the Mountains, Swim in the Sea, Frolic in the Forest, Get Home in Time for Tea!

I did go a bit crazy in the shop, but there were so many goodies! As things get a bit safer, I’d really like to get out to see more exhibitions. Seeing other’s artwork goes such a long way in inspiring me and firing me up to make more of my own. Being part of the collective is great for this too, being able to support and share with other creative people. We’ve not plotted our next project/show yet, but are meeting soon to discuss. I look forward to more Drawn Chorus adventures soon 🙂

Artwork by Sam Ailey
Artwork by Robyn Foreman (left) and Alekadzie (right)

All photographs taken by Adam Clague aka Alekadzie

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