People Practice

I’m attempting to keep up a spot of weekly drawing practice in between my client work and building my new website (more on that escapade soon!). At the moment I’m focussing on practicing people, and in particular drawing faces. I’m growing more confident in sketching faces when working from reference material i.e drawing from Pinterest, as in the above illustration. The next step is to upgrade to being able to draw faces from my mind and to start bringing characters to life.

Though I have done some of this to date, I’d like to grow my confidence and get more of a grip on my style (which I sometimes feel is a bit scattergun!). Who are your favourite artists for character design or their style of drawing people? I’d love to know!

7 thoughts on “People Practice

  1. You asked for favorite artists, I think mine might be Degas. I’ve mostly seen his sketches in books, but the Met and Morgan Library in NYC have some. These are nice sketches you’ve shown here.

    • Degas is incredible! I’ve never seen any of his sketches or paintings IRL, though I would love to. His use of colour and the way he shows movement in a static image is so special – thank you for reminding me! And thank you 🙂 I’m going to try and keep up the practice this month!

  2. Go sketch anyone, live. Your family, friends, people at a cafe. Go fast. Do heaps. There’s a book put out by Taschen Publishing, which I found very useful when illustrating children’s books a few years back. Title : Illustration Now. I suppose it will be online too, but shows fantastic art and many styles. The faces, and your style will settle in before you know it. Good luck.

    • Thank you Vivienne! Yes, there’s no substitute for drawing from the real world is there? I most definitely need to push myself to do heaps though – as you put it! I just Googled the book and that’s a great suggestion too, thank you! It’s really helpful sharing my sketches with everyone here on the blog as it helps to hold me accountable for improving and learning 🙂 I hope all is well with you!

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