In case you missed it…

owlstation_shackleton final_endurance

For anyone that couldn’t make it along to ‘There & Back Again’ the exploration themed exhibition I took part in this Summer – you can now see my illustrations and listen to the audio installation on my website.

I so enjoyed taking part in the show and got completely obsessed researching my chosen subject matter! I created four illustrations that explored key points of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 Endurance expedition. From the ship becoming stuck in the Antarctic ice pack, to the men marching across the floes in attempt to reach safety.

owlstation_shackleton final_ocean camp

As I was reading Shackleton’s journal ‘South’, I became so struck with how eloquently he described their perilous journey and incredible surroundings that I wanted to find a way to share his words.

With the help of my brilliant actor friend, Pip Donaghy and talented composer brother, Mikey Parsons, we created an audio installation that allowed visitors to the gallery to hear parts of Shackleton’s adventure whilst viewing the illustrations (these can be found by scrolling down the project page on my website).

exhibition photo

I learned a lot in preparing for this exhibition and there are a few things I will definitely do differently next time, namely:

Order my frames well in advance of the show in case they are all smashed up when they arrive and I freak out and have to make a last minute trip to a nearby glazier to replace the glass.

But I picked up things that were really helpful too, such as not being afraid to ask your printer for advice and that creating geeky mockups of how your pictures will look when hung on the gallery wall is actually pretty handy!

All in all, I’m really chuffed with how this exhibition turned out and had great fun taking part alongside such talented and lovely artists. I still have a few prints available from the show, so do get in touch if you see something you like or have any questions. Massive thanks if you made it along and i’ll look forward to seeing you at the next one!


35 thoughts on “In case you missed it…

  1. These images — especially the blue tones — really capture the frigidity and peril of the experience. Gorgeous; scary. The audio installation completes a marvelous whole; I encourage other readers to visit your Web site and listen. It’s also intriguing to see there your sketchbook, containing some marvelous additional work. Beautiful.

  2. These are amazing. Love the line-work and detail despite the small size of each piece. Use of color and the lighter tonal values gives it a really cool surreal vibe. I love how you played around with the multi-tonal contrast in the teal and pinks in the waves, then echoed it in the rest of each piece. The inked ship is really mechanically solid and it contrasts well with the more colorful waves. Excited to see more from you!


  3. Wow! really love the movement in your pieces, coupled with the audio, and even the video’s movement. I love the surreal almost Miami vice colours contrasted with the like, colonial uniforms. Very jarring.

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